Tuesday, April 1, 2008

You say your a pranksta'....

Happy April Fool's Day!!

As a kid, I would try so hard to come up with something really good to do to someone at school. I'd put real effort into it too..but I'd always spoil it for myself.
I just couldn't stand those moments of anticipation between "Hey I'm prego..." and "April Fools!!!" I mean, what if they really thought I was? And what if they were distressed about it. I just guess I'm not mean enough for that sort of thing.
The two exceptions are from college:
At 18, I had a roommate that worked in a grocery store and was totally anti-social due to the fact that he actually studied. Who does that? Anyway, homeboy would come home every day and throw himself on his bed. I mean...deathdrop. We could hear the crash through the whole apartment. So on AFD, we took all the bedding off and switched the position of his mattress and box spring. Then we remade the bed. He came home, threw himself on the bed and started cussing. It was hard as rocks...I actually have always sort of felt bad about it. I'm sure he's over it...but it makes me feel like the schoolyard bully...you know?
Karmic Lesson: I later worked with his sister and met his superhot brother at a party. I couldn't really look them in the eye over the guilt of being the most horrible person ever. And that brother was hot, too.

Prank #2 happened around the same time, and not actually on AFD. In those days, all the girlfriends of frat guys ended up hanging out together, especially if they weren't affiliated with a sorority. It was one of the nights that we were having a girls night and the guys were out of town on fraternity retreat. The president had given his girlfriend the keys to the frat house...just in case. We felt that a giant prank was a pretty good just in case indeed. One of the girls knew where to find a giant stack of old Playgirl magazines (why didn't I wonder where at the time?..eww.) so we spent the biggest part of the night amassing a giant stack of the male nude. We went to the house, and hid them everywhere...taped up in the shower, under the lid of the toilet, in the coffee, on the outside of the milk jug.
We also did some other stupid crap....like writing dorky things about our boyfriends in sidewalk chalk all over the patio ("hmm, I wonder who did this?") and moving things around in the house so no one could find them.
The best part came when the phone rang, and one of the girls answered it. It was the guys...and of course they wanted to know why the hell we were in the house. Cover=blown.
We got some small satisfaction from the unexpected sounds of disgust that echoed all over the house for months, as one of the guys found yet another naked man in the sugar.

Anyway..if you are hard up for ideas on a prank to pull, Here's a website:

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