Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Celebrity Crush

Okay..so I have a little game I like to play with friends. I wait until we've had a few drinks, and they I spring it..Who is your weirdest celebrity crush? This doesn't work with men. They really don't have the hots for any non-conventional women. A friend pointed out recently that maybe this has something to do with the lack of non-gorgeous women in Hollywood. Good Point.

So this has led to some amazing conversations with women friends, and usually gets us all a good insight into what we all want in a man besides smokin' good looks. (Though there is something to be said for those...and I'll get to that in a moment.)

I decided today that I should share my weird celebrity crush with the world. It comes at a good time, since my blog is so far not so exciting, and I think he may be about to get kicked off of Dancing with the Stars...since he's horrible.

That's right...Ace Carolla. I've been a fan since Loveline days...I was still in high school..giggling along as he and Dr. Drew lit their farts.

Now what is so ridiculous about that is that no way in my real life would I be okay with my boyfriend inviting a friend over to light farts. I would not be cool with the kind of 'screw women' outlook of The Man Show going on in my living room. And still...he's hot.

I usually win the "who has the weirdest celeb crush?" contest. A fierce runner up is my teacher friend who has the flaming hots for Drew Carey. It's even better if you know her.

So, having addressed my weird crushes..I thought I should let you all know (who is even reading this??) that I have a few normal crushes too. Either of the following men could convince me to move to BFE and muck out pig pens to be with them. No...really.

Anderson Cooper.....

and Vin Diesel.

Both hot..yes..but each in their own way. Anderson has that sexy gray hair thing...and Vin...well look at him.

I did realise that they both have a bad boy thing going. Anderson is dangerous..going into dangerous situations to find the truth. Very noble..no?

And Vin...he's all bad boy..except that something about him says he's a huge dork. The man made "The Pacifier." for the love of Pete. Plus..I heard somewhere he's into Dungeons and Dragons. I mean really.

Moral of this post: I like weird men. Even if they are international sex symbols..they gotta have some kind of oddness to them.

Monday, March 17, 2008

So boring!

I had good intentions. I mean...I could have invented good intentions. I started this blog thinking I'd have all kinds of great things to say. I'd update everyday and show off all my baking and crafty things and tell people what I was up to.
But....I'm not up to anything. True, I made some rad cupcakes...and I'm knitting some boobs,(this deserves it's own post, and I promise to do one.) but I still don't have a job and people are sick of hearing it.
On top of that...I haven't even told people I have a blog. What a loser. I'm essentially writing to myself.
Resolution for the week: Do some cool crap to my blog and send people the address. Perhaps someone will read it.