Sunday, June 28, 2009

Unhatched chickens....

I spoke too soon.
The shoes did not bring me magic. The shoes were being worn while I enjoyed a fantastic day. It happened to be punctuated by something kinda cool. Magic would have been if that something cool transferred into something amazing without any work on my part.
I know...I'm being cryptic. I don't have any intentions of telling you what's going on yet. I am ridiculously superstitious, and don't want to jinx anything. Hence the title. The chickens aren't hatched. The eggs pretty much just popped out of the hen. They are still warm...okay...metaphor taken too far. ugh.

So anyway. I had a great Thursday.

But I have to warn you. My posts may be kinda grouchy or cynical for the next two weeks. You birthday is coming. I distrust my birthday. No matter how I attempt to celebrate, I somehow end up being reminded that I'm not exactly where I thought I'd be by whatever age I'm turning. I mean...that's okay. Don't get me wrong. I'm happy where I am (with a few tweaks I'd be ecstatic!) but it isn't at all what I thought I'd be doing.

So for about two weeks before each birthday, I wrestle with reality. I don't mean that I argue with it a little. It's a full on, kiddie-pool-in-the-front-yard-filled-with-jello kind of wrestling. Reality and I compete to see who is going to kick who's ass this year. Sadly, reality is a pretty amazing jello wrestler.

I am looking forward to the plans I have this year. My friends are taking me out for brunch and shopping the Sunday before, and I have Monday off of work for more shopping and some spa treatments I haven't decided on yet. I plan to walk in to the office on Tuesday with a smile, a new outfit and a pampered glow.
And if any of you see me being cranky, know that there is one cure all for my birthday blues. It's easy really...
Bring me this:Mmmm....Or one of these:That should do the trick.

Friday, June 26, 2009


They worked! Sort of.....
And today I bought beautiful makeup and am totally feeling like a rockstar! Hope this feeling lasts!
Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!!!
P.S. If you're in's PRIDE Weekend!!!!! It's always crazy and fun, no matter who you are!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Power Shoes

I'm wearing my power shoes today. They are magic. I don't know what makes them power shoes, but they are.
I think every woman should have a pair of shoes (or any item of clothing) that flips that switch inside them and makes them super aware of all the things that make them amazing.
For me, it's the shoes. The moment I step up into them, I am suddenly aware that I'm sexy, confident and brilliant. Granted, I am all of these things every day ;)
An ex-man of mine told me once that he could see me ruling an empire from a pair of high heels. When I wear the power shoes, I know he's right.
Today I wish you all would go to your closet and pull out your power shoes...or shirt, or earrings, or underpants. (If you don't have power panties...I suggest you get on that right away!)
I feel big things happening for all of us today.