Saturday, April 26, 2008

Relay for Life

Today I walked the survivors lap with my mother at the ACS Relay for Life. It was really inspiring to see all these wonderful, brave people in purple t-shirts wearing the word "survivor" across their back. I was very proud of my momma.
I kicked myself for not bringing a camera, as I missed a fantastic shot of her placing her hand print on the cancer survivor's wall for the first time. We walked the lap and chatted, trying to lighten the moment so we didn't burst into tears. People lined the track clapping, which almost undid me.
We walked behind a lovely lady who had bone cancer in 1977, and has since taken to being sassy and wearing gingham Capri's. We walked a few feet away from a family who was there with their little boy, who couldn't be more than 4, wearing his purple 'survivor' shirt. I didn't talk for a bit after that. He, of course, didn't have any clue what was up. lol.
Anyway, next year, I'll be coming back to Chico to set up a 24 hour relay team with my mom, and to maybe set up a booth to sell my delish cupcakes to benefit the cause. "Cupcakes for the Cure.." nice ring to it. Probably I just stole that from someone.
So, thanks for all the support for me, while I supported her. Don't worry, I'll wait until next year to hit you up for pledges.

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