Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Short

I have noticed that really cool people do cool posts on their blog that have a theme. For example, Quirky Cupcake does a Saturday Confessional. Every novel.
I decided I need to do that. I mean..there's a day of the week right there in my title! What a fantastic setup. Plus, I'm always doing a lot of not much on a Sunday.
But the missing piece to the puzzle is....what to do. I thought 'Sunday Short' was kinda clever, but I haven't found clever content to match.
So, all two dedicated readers of my blog (Sarah and Starla) I will soon be adding this lovely feature. Any ideas are welcome.


lisa said...

congratulations on your cupcakes. Sarah is not the only one that reads your blogs. They are very interesting and I enjoy learning about different web sites. When you open your cupcake store in Sacramento I will be the first in line.
Sarah and Bennies Aunt.

JaNellie said...

I read your blog too. You don’t know me, but I’m Sarah’s cousin-in-law.