Thursday, July 24, 2008

What happens in San Francisco.....

....ends up all over my blog.
Fez and his friends were up visiting the bay area this week. They toured all the scary parts, and are now solidly afraid of San Francisco.
We started out on Sunday in Napa, drinking wine and being silly. Went tasting at a few places, then ended up at a place that had a picnic area, playing 'two truths and a lie' and learning way too much about each other. Here's some evidence:
I was pretty thirsty.
Story time with Uncle Alex.

Fez know's all about wine snobbery.

That's Corby's sexy face. No, really.

Here's a series of shots Corby took to advertise that A. The place we were at was pretty fun. and B. Corby is pretty cool.

Grr , Baby, very Grr. Then on Monday, they kidnapped me from work. Actually, Fez just made me think there was a matter of great urgency, so I'm briskly walking down Market to find out that they are just done hanging out at the mall. Poops.
We were catching a bus to the Mission, to have burritos, margaritas and a good time. The plan was to then ride the bart home at about 11.
The fun all started with the bus ride. Some crazy lady hit Fez with a folder and then they started arguing. She was threatening to kill him and everyone on the bus was ready for us to get out. When we got to our stop, this guy in the front goes. "This is your stop kids. You ain't got to go home, but you gotta get the hell offa here." Ridiculous.
So we go eat dinner, drink too many beers and go to a bar. I think this is a fantastic idea...but I was already feeling good.
We went to a great bar. It had video screens at the bar, great music and a fun dance floor. I only came away with a few pics, because I was very busy dancing, smoking a cigarette that I didn't need or want, and flirting with Fez. Here's two.
A cute pic of the boys.
Again, totally parched.
Rest of the week was mellow. Fez and I were both so wiped out after our big monday night that we didn't hang out Tuesday. I just tried to catch up my sleep. Wednesday we stayed in the city and forgot to sleep, since we were busy watching that 'Sarah Marshall' movie and talking about everything.
Fez went home Thursday, and I was bummed. I hadn't seen him in 3 years, and here comes another 6 months or so that we can't hang out. I don't think the world can handle us both in one place. Our wonderfulness just has to be spread around.
This coming week:
-The baby's 1st birthday. Go Cake!
-My gramma's 86th birthday. Go Gram!
-Happy hour with the girls. Go me!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bat-Men are pigs.

So I just found out that Batman was arrested for beating his mom and sister in Wales. What the french, toast? I would like to reserve the right to use this example for later emphasis about pretty boys being awful. Just sayin.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mrs. Batman.

So I went to see Dark Knight last night. First of all, the movie is really good. Yeah, it was hyped a lot..but it's not too full of things being blown up..though they are there, and it's got some great lines. It had me cracked up and creeped out at the same time.

Also, You should know that I'm in love with Christian Bale. Shockingly, I never really bothered with him before. Perhaps it's his penchant for strange roles (American Psycho) or his previous shaggy facial hair.

But there's something about a man in a superhero role. It's that rebel with a cause thing. It's bad boy and good boy all mixed together. It's like finding out your nerdy neighbor who works as a computer programmer is a secret weight trainer with tatoos. Hot.

I draw your attention to the Batman lips.
Every dude who has been batman has a lovely mouth. And it's all a similar mouth type. Those casting guys are clever.

This guy was also amazing. I loved the creepo factor that he brought into it. The Joker is so not cartoony in this movie. He's like some crazy dude that lurks in the city...he could totally get you. Scary. Seriously, he does this licking his lips thing that disturbed me on a level I cannot even name. Heath Ledger- best role ever.

Enough about scary...I'll leave you with some eye candy.Here he is running down the steps of our newlywed home.

He's so smirky. I love it.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Birthday Blogging

So there are a few more than sixteen candles on my cake today. But so far, so good for turning 28. It feels good....28 could be the new 23...guess we'll have to see.

So as much fun as I'm bound to have today, I'll never top last year. On my birthday, I spent all day wandering Rome, eating Gelato and gazing at fountains. That night we drank too much wine, ate pasta and flirted with waiters.
When I got home the next day, I was greeted with this:

What happens when boys have speedos and too much time on their hands? They devise 'happy brithday' strip shows, that's what! Check out those tan lines!!
So this year, I ate a yummy cookie, am going to do a little shopping, and hopefully relax.
Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Shoutout #2: Uncommon Goods

Holy Canoli!! It's Sunday. And I'm posting a shoutout. Can you believe it?? Neither can I. Starla's dad is here for the weekend, so other than messing with the sleeping arrangements, it is allowing me a good amount of time by myself to collect my thoughts. Right now they are off at a Sake factory, taking a tour.
So Uncommon Goods. It's a super fun online store I found about a year ago. They have really unique gifts for just about anyone you can think of. Certainly stuff you aren't going to find anywhere else. You can search the site by event that the gift is for, such as a wedding, or who it's for, such as 'For Him.' Or, you can look through the entire website and increase your wish list. Here are a few of my favorite things:

And don't worry..I've linked each thing for you if you suddenly feel the urge to buy one. But I saved the best for last...the kid stuff is so fantastic that it makes me want to have one just so I could buy it this stuff!!! Here you go, get your 'awww' s ready.Happy shopping! (Or wishing..that's just as fun!)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Boys are weaksauce.

I just got off the morning train ride into the city. It isn't one of my favorite parts of the day. No matter what the temp outside, the train is sweltering with body heat. Why bother ironing, I promise that you'll just get off BART with the wrinkles steamed right back in. This time, with stinky people heat..good luck getting that out.
Anyway, I was sitting near two guys and was of course, eavesdropping. I originally started to listen in because one guy was cute. He had a whole Matt Damon thing going on. He wasn't spectacular until he smiled...and then come the dimples. Anyway, I noticed they were talking about relationships.
Matt was counseling his roommate on what is going on in that guy's life with his girlfriend. Guy # 2 was all angsty because his girlfriend told him she wanted to see other people. He wasn't the best looking dude...kinda nerdy in a sweet way. His mommy probably still washes his underpants. That kinda guy.
So Guy 2 tells Matt that girlfriend tells him she wants to date other people..and he says "Well, go ahead, there's nothing I can do about it. " And then girlfriend got mad at him.
First of all..have a spine. There is something you can do. Tell her no. Tell her that you're such good stuff that you won't wait around. If she wants to date other Tell her you will too. And then it comes out that they haven't even been dating long.
Then he goes "I don't have any power. I don't want any really, but I don't want her to just use me like this."
OMG. I felt like I was listening in on some teenage girl. But it gets better. Cute, Matt Damon guy says "Dude, I don't have any power in my relationship. She's way too emotionally unstable for me to take any control."
What is the world coming to when boys who look like movie stars are dating girls with emotional issues?!? Because they have to or something.
Boys these days need a kick in the pants. Don't they get it that nice boys are valuable these days? I don't even like overconfident boys. Give me a nice, Matt Damon boy any day.
So, just before we get off the train, Matt looks at Guy 2 and asks "Are you seeing her this weekend?" and Dude says..."yeah."