Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mrs. Batman.

So I went to see Dark Knight last night. First of all, the movie is really good. Yeah, it was hyped a lot..but it's not too full of things being blown up..though they are there, and it's got some great lines. It had me cracked up and creeped out at the same time.

Also, You should know that I'm in love with Christian Bale. Shockingly, I never really bothered with him before. Perhaps it's his penchant for strange roles (American Psycho) or his previous shaggy facial hair.

But there's something about a man in a superhero role. It's that rebel with a cause thing. It's bad boy and good boy all mixed together. It's like finding out your nerdy neighbor who works as a computer programmer is a secret weight trainer with tatoos. Hot.

I draw your attention to the Batman lips.
Every dude who has been batman has a lovely mouth. And it's all a similar mouth type. Those casting guys are clever.

This guy was also amazing. I loved the creepo factor that he brought into it. The Joker is so not cartoony in this movie. He's like some crazy dude that lurks in the city...he could totally get you. Scary. Seriously, he does this licking his lips thing that disturbed me on a level I cannot even name. Heath Ledger- best role ever.

Enough about scary...I'll leave you with some eye candy.Here he is running down the steps of our newlywed home.

He's so smirky. I love it.


Anonymous said...

i agree! the batman lips is so attractive! :3

Anonymous said...

the lips and the eyes if i ever got the chance,u know what i mean, as hot as christian bale is, id want him to keep the mask on ... id 'u-know-what in less than a minute