Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Is it Tuesday already?!?

So I have yet to do a Sunday Shoutout. I didn't even do one the Sunday I announced that I'd be doing them. It is one of those situations that I (often) find myself in, where I have envisioned something wonderful, and find myself unable or unwilling to put in the effort. I mean, shouldn't beautiful things just spring into creation once I have thought them up?

Enough of my God complex there, here's the story:

I want to have a really good feature here. I want to find businesses or websites that I love and do a mini interview with the person in charge. So far, I'm stuck trying to write the interview. I have one questions done. NO, I'm not going to tell you what it is. Wait...I just thought of a new one...that makes 2. I'm shooting for 5.

Hey, maybe if I just babble on my blog all day I'll be able to figure out the rest. How boring would that be. Imagine how many paragraphs like this one I'd be able to generate if I sat here all day! Trust me People, you do not want the entirety of my brain barf out there on the Internet.

To wrap up:

1. I refuse to give you substandard Sunday Shoutouts. I will continue to try to be stunningly witty and have wonderful interviews with people.

2. I need to bake some cupcakes. I know I didn't cover that earlier, but I remembered that I wanted to apologize to the few of you that vicariously live through my food porn. I'll make some this week maybe.

3. I'll leave you with the a pic of the cutest kid ever. Starla and RJ's Babycake is so much fun. Unless he's mad..and then watch out.

Why have kids if you can't put socks on their ears and then laugh hysterically while in a sugar induced fit? He doesn't mind, as you can see.

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