Thursday, November 20, 2008


It is truely shocking that I have left you all for an entire month without my particular brand of wit!
What. a. jerk.

So let's catch up. Since we last talked, I've been hitting the town with my new partner in crime, Kelly. She's really the only other single girl I know, so we find ourselves out and about quite a bit.

What else? I cheered myself hoarse over our new president. I am so proud of our country I could just about pee. However, I did lose a friend over it. At about the 5th email I got from her detailing what a poor choice it was, and how he wasn't her president, and how we would all be sorry when we had to wear socialist uniforms every day...I told her that she had made her point, and could we move on? She was offended. But I suppose I don't really need a lot of friends who can't have a two way conversation about touchy subjects.
I met two boys whom I hoped might be fun to get to know, and both let me down by being typical boys. For all of you who urged me to date men my own age or isn't impressing me much. At least when they are 23, I expect a little idiocy.
Ahh, I learned a new term "Cougar Cub." This is where you are an older woman, but not yet 35, and are hot enough to potentially date much younger men. Fun, huh? I'm told I don't qualify until at least 29, but hey, something to look forward to.
Okay, I admit to having saved my most recent excitement for last....I won something!!!
I left a comment on pioneer woman's blog, and won a Kitchenaid mixer! I got confirmation today that it will be on it's way, and guess what?!?!?! It's PINK! Chosen because I dig pink, and because the sale of all the pink ones benefits breast cancer research.
I will take it's picture when I get it. Yeah!!! What should I make first?

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