Thursday, November 20, 2008


Of advice. Pervs.

There are two things weighing on my mind right about now. Help.

1. My office Christmas party is coming up. Should I go alone, or bring a date? And where will I find this date? Anyone have any single friends who would be fun at a party, look good in a jacket and tie, and aren't going to try to grope me after free martinis at the open bar?

2. I am thinking of signing up for the Avon Walk for the Cure. I am terrified of it. Training starts after the holidays, and you have to raise $1800. Oh, and walk two days and something like 30 miles. I know!!!! 30. three-zero. But I feel like it would really help me get in shape, and make me feel like I really did something good. I can't do it alone. Who's with me?!?!

Okay, please shape my life, as I am incapable of making my own decisions.

1 comment:

bekah said...

I say rock the party alone, I would always rather go alone than with an awkward date, that said..if you find someone that you KNOW will be fun, take 'em!

Wow...30 miles?! you can do it! just dont do what I do and skip that pesky step called 'training'!