Thursday, October 2, 2008


Okay, it seems like registration is a theme in my life right now. I am trying to get my students to register for classes, I even messed up my checking account because I wasn't doing a good job keeping my register...okay, that's a stretch. But I'm trying to get into what I really want to say and that's......
Register to Vote!!!

Seriously, it's a big deal. I know that there are always things said about registering, and maybe you don't want to vote because you think it won't help. Maybe you're planning to vote but you haven't registered because you just moved..etc, etc.
Deadline to register is

How do I register, you might say...well here you go:

It's a link. Click it. You can always come back here, but do it while you're thinking of it. Do you know someone else you can harass into registering? Send it to them. Or to the 1000 other websites trying to register peeps right now.
And I know, maybe we don't share a common outlook on politics..and I'm okay with that. I just think that everyone should learn about their candidate, and take voting as serious as possible. Because not to sound condescending, but isn't the fate of our health care system important? If not now, how will you feel about it when you can't buy your medicine at 80? And what about your children's chances to own a home or go to college? Big stuff.
So I'd better hear that you are all registered. And voting...intelligently.

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quesarahsarah said...

Do you wish you could slap me right now???? XOXO!