Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Once, in college someone sent me a link to a website that alleged to tell you, based on your preferences, how many men you would have to meet before you met your soul mate. A Soul Mate Calculator I believe.
I remember answering the questions as truthfully as possible, wondering if I'd have to meet 2, or maybe 5. Or worst case scenario...10. I was around 23, and I think I figured it was about damn time.
The answer.....

Being me, I immediately started to attempt to define the word "met." Are we talking passing on the street? Did I have to introduce myself or would a "Do you have the time?" suffice? Or, God forbid, was the universe expecting me to go out on 4, 057 dates before I found someone who would think I was wonderful.

In true optimistic form, I decided that every man I made eye contact with counted. Even the ones that fell outside of my criteria. I'd get through 4,057 meetings in no time, and be happily wrapped in an afghan on my couch with the object of my affection by 24!

I bet you all can guess the outcome of this. Here I am, at 28, and I have just been reminded by life that I have at least 2,843 left to go. And I can no longer optimistically decide that every man under the age of 85 who glances my way at the crosswalk counts. Nope...I am starting to think that I can only count people I've had a real conversation with. This is depressing.

If you need me, I'll be eating a pint of Hagen Daaz and watching romantic comedies in my bed.

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